Extra information, tips & links

Hanging glass art

You can hang a glass object in front of the window with a special transparent cord (extra strong fishing line). When you purchase an object, this will be included. With a 'normal' knot, there is a good chance that the weight of the glass object will slide down the knot. Your glass object would fall and break as a result. To hang a glass object, it is best to use an 8-knot. It is a very simple knot, but much sturdier than a 'normal' knot. Use two suspension points to prevent the object from rotating.

Interesting video about glass

Some interesting video's about glass. Netflix has an interesting series on glass blowing: Blown away.

Spending the night in Norg

A few tips for interesting and close hotels, bed & breakfast and houses.

Culinairy workshops

Baking has a surprising overlap with glass. If you fancy a decorating workshop I suggest Ellen's Creative cakes in Donderen (fully fluent in English). High level workshops in decorating techniques.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Glasuniek works green wherever possible.

  • The energy for heating is generated by 20 solar panels.

  • I use sustainable and/or reusable materials whenever possible.

  • I actively try to avoid the use of plastic. If possible, I ask you to bring a duvet or towel for the transport of a workpiece.

  • I pay attention to dyslexia: the font I use is easier to read for dyslexics.

  • I support the Vakantiebank foundation with the sale of glass postcards.