glaskunstenaar Linda van Huffelen van glasatelier Glasuniek
glaskunstenaar Linda van Huffelen van glasatelier Glasuniek

Welcome at Glasuniek,

the home where glass artist Linda van Huffelen makes her special glass objects.

For as long as I can remember I have been touched and amazed by glass. My favorite toy was a kaleidoscope. I could turn the two parts for hours, turning the small pieces of glass in such a way that new and interesting color patterns were created.

I like to touch and amaze you in turn. The best moment for me is when someone sees my work for the first time and sighs a sincere 'oh'. My objects go beyond the boundaries of the known. Making something that has been done before is not that interesting to me in my free work. I have an innate need to innovate. I always see new possibilities in glass. Within glass fusing, I therefore specialize in unusual techniques. This means that I look for new applications and make crossovers with other art forms.

My works are unique. Not only in terms of execution, but also in terms of design.

I am self-taught, with the exception of a masterclass with the American glass artists Matthew Szösz and Anna Mlasowsky which I attended in 2018 . Matt and Anna tought me a very special technique (Inflatables), in which fused glass is inflated with compressed air during firing. As far as I know, this extremely complex technique is only performed by Matthew and myself. Of course I make these objects in my own way.

In 2023, one of my works (see below) was shown at the International Glass Biennale of Bulgaria at the National Gallery in Sofia. The video gives an impression of the exhibition.

een uniek en organisch blauw kunstwerk van opgeblazen platen glas
een uniek en organisch blauw kunstwerk van opgeblazen platen glas

Since 2013 I have created and developed the Stacking technique to make three-dimensional glass sculptures with glass fusing. This is now being widely copied. In Stacks, many glass plates are fused together to form larger objects. Because the glass is fused together, partial transformations are created, which make the object playful and interesting. In addition, I use a lot of openings in my work, which provide an extra influence of the light. I work a lot with elegant yet subtly powerful shapes.

In some cases, I shape stacks by hand. That means that I take them out of the kiln at high temperatures and then change the shape with the (protected) hand. As a result, more shapes are possible than can be achieved with the usual moulds. I also combine stacks with objects like bowls.

Would you like to make your own Stacking? I give a two-day workshop in which I would like to teach you!

Moderne glaskunst in een unieke stijl

Driedimensionale glasfusing: Inflatables

Credentials and memberships

My work has been sold to clients in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. My work is also included in private collections.

In 2023, one of my inflatables was selected for the International Biennale of Glass in Bulgaria and my work was selected for the International Glass and Ceramics Biennial in Belgium.

In 2022, my work was selected for the International Biennale in Florence, which I unfortunately was unable to use.

In 2022, my work was shared second place in the audience award of the exhibition Brilliance at Artwork in the Stellingen.

In 2019, one of my glass portraits was longlisted for the Dutch portrait prize.

In 2016 I came fourth in the joint audience and jury prize of the Dutch Art Days.

I am a member of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass and the Beroepsorganisatie Kunstenaars.